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State of gifting in2020The year that keeps on giving

We have conducted a short survey to see how this year's context impacted your attitudes to gift giving and receiving. Here's what you told us…

  • It's not the year for celebration

  • I've got too much else on my mind

  • I don't need the gifts because I won’t see my family

  • I'm not able to visit shops

  • I have to focus on saving money and spending less this year

We're spending time together online

Virtual hangouts with family and friends is the current norm for spending time together and helping us stay connected…

  • 47%via Zoom, Whatsapp

  • 54%via phone

  • 37%pay a visit

We're spending time together…
and shopping online, too

  • 83%of you have ordered gifts for loved ones, with…

  • 63%of you doing so at least a month early…

Is this about being organised?

Or are there other factors at play?

You said you are…

  • unsure about delivery times

  • worried about visiting stores

  • want to get something special to make up for lost time

What types of gifts did you choose?

Physical experiences don't seem to be as popular as previous years.

  • 70%opting for physical gifts, also known as things.

  • 9%of you opting for giving a gift of experiences.

What about the good old gift voucher?

Whilst the gift voucher is not on the top of everybody's gift giving list, it's still very much in the picture.


bought a voucher



Gives people the flexibility to choose what they want or need

“It doesn't feel personal enough”

Convenient for teens and grand kids when it's hard to choose the right present for them

“Perception that they will expire, or not get used”

You gave a lot of support to independent retailers this year.

  • 60%of you plan to shop around to find the right gift, whilst only…

  • 30%of you plan on turning to Amazon.

There were some honorable mentions for some highstreet stores and local businesses… Asos, Etsy, Ebay, Waterstone, Hotel Chocolate, John Lewis, Not On The High Street.

Some of you are still hoping to visit local shops

  • 50%of you planning on doing your gift shopping online…

  • 40%of you think nothing quite beats the high street for gift hunting…

So what is the biggest contributing factor when it comes to picking the perfect gift?

Gift Picking Contributing Factors ChartA pie chart highlighting what contributing factors come into effect when picking a gift.


Gift suitability is the contributing factor 85% of you picked when it comes to picking a gift.

What a thoughtful bunch!

Other mentions include12% price3% delivery options

Speaking of delivery, we asked you...

Is there anything that frustrates you in the process of gift selection?

  • 52%

    Over half of you are frustrated by expensive delivery charges.

  • 34%

    The faff of needing to register when purchasing a gift frustrated over one third of you.

  • 29%

    Whilst nearly 30% of you are frustrated by slow deliveries.

Your dream online gift shop has...

Timely delivery notifications
Free delivery
Choice of delivery time
Cost removed, gifts receipt included
Personalised message
Gift wrapping service
Ability to add multiple recipients and delivery addresses in one
Ability to add multiple recipients and delivery addresses in one
ImportantNot important

But wait!

What if that perfect gift is out of stock?

Well, it looks like the majority of you don't give up that easily, and will shop around to get that perfect gift. With nearly 80% of you looking elsewhere…

Out of Stock GiftsDonut chart showing the percentage of people who shop around for out of stock gifts. Which amounts to 79 percentPeople who shop aroundPurple chart spanning 79% of the chart, where people shop around for out of stock gifts.79%

Now then!

With all those gifts picked and paid for, how are they being distributed?

Distribution methodsDonut chart the different percentages of people who will have gifts delivered by a shop versus gifts delivered in person
40%of you will be putting your feet up and letting the shop deliver the gift on your behalf.
39%of you still hoping to deliver the gifts in person. Maybe a doorstep chat and catch up with loved ones?

What was heartwarming to us isthat for so many of you, it was giving, not receiving that was important to you…

  • 31%prefer receiving gifts

  • 69%prefer giving gifts